Signs of a Cheating Spouse

What are some common signs of a cheating spouse?

An unfaithful spouse can turn your whole world upside down. Anger, guilt, shame, and plunging self-confidence are just a few of the emotional side effects of physical betrayal in your relationship. More than just a broken heart, however, a cheating spouse can lead to divorce and broken families.

Before confronting your spouse with accusations of cheating, it’s important to gather as many facts as possible. Using services like background checks in Tampa and infidelity investigations by a professional Tampa private detective can help you get the information you need. Before turning to professional services, however, look for these signs to help confirm your suspicions of a cheating spouse.

Cheating Spouses May Have Sudden Changes in Grooming Habits

Remember when you first started dating your spouse? You both put a lot of effort into looking your best for every meeting. However, as time goes by, priorities change, and your attention tends to drift towards more urgent matters. Rather than spend an hour choosing an outfit and perfecting your makeup, you choose to put that time and energy working towards the common goals you and your partner share.

Changing your look isn’t necessarily a sign of infidelity. However, if your spouse suddenly decides that they need a whole new look, you may have cause for suspicion. Changing their hair, upgrading wardrobes, and spending more time working out or stressing about their diet could point to a desire to be more attractive to potential sexual partners.

A Cheating Spouse May Spend a Good Deal of Time Online

Online dating sites are the perfect way for a cheating spouse to find potential partners. With little more than an email address, cheaters can start a profile and spend their days flirting with others. They may appear to be going about their usual routine. However, a guilty spouse may hide their screens or nervously hide open windows when you walk into the room.

Changes in Sexual Desires

A cheating spouse may suddenly show a complete lack of interest in sexual activity. When their physical needs are being met elsewhere, they may shy away or completely reject any approaches from their spouse. Lack of interest in sex isn’t always an indicator of cheating. In combination with other signs, however, a plunging sex drive could mean your significant other is finding satisfaction elsewhere.

Cheating isn’t just about sex. For some, cheating gives them a type of emotional or mental validation that they don’t believe is available in their marriage. In these cases, a cheating spouse may actually want MORE sex within their primary relationship. This is often driven by a combination of increased self-confidence and greed. A cheating spouse may believe that they are entitled to have all the physical comforts they desire, regardless of who they get it from.

Random Outbursts of Anger and Increased Conflict

Everyone recognizes that cheating is an act of deceit. Since they know their actions are wrong, cheaters put a lot of effort into mentally justifying their actions. One way they do that is by starting arguments. A cheating spouse may nitpick your relationship in an attempt to place the blame for their actions on you. If your significant other suddenly seems irritated by mundane things or brings up problems in your relationship constantly without putting in the effort to actually fix them, they may be trying to make themselves feel better about their infidelity.

Starting fights is also a common tactic cheaters use to get out and meet their lovers. In the midst of a heated argument, they may announce that they need some space and storm out, leaving you heartbroken and confused.

Get Proof of a Cheating Spouse in Tampa, Florida

When confronted with their infidelity, most cheating spouses will not willingly tell the truth. Undeniable proof is the only way to find out the truth. Sig14 Investigations helps families in the Tampa, Florida area find the facts they need to make the healthiest possible decision about their relationships. Call our detectives at (813) 261-1192 for help uncovering the activities of a cheating spouse.