How a Private Investigator can Help with Child Custody

How a private investigator can assist with child custody cases.

During a divorce, it’s common for parents to disagree about custody matters for their children. You might not agree on how much time each parent should get with the children, or you may have concerns over the environment the child is exposed to when living with the other parent. Unless you have evidence to support your claims, it’s often your word against the other parent’s.

Hiring a private detective agency is one way to acquire the documentation you need to prove your arguments in your child custody case.

Here are a few ways a private investigator for child custody cases can be beneficial for you and your child.

You Can See How Your Child is Treated When No One is Watching

Many subpar parents are on their best behavior when other people are around. They’re attentive to the child’s needs and they may even provide an environment that appears clean and safe. However, once the parent thinks their actions aren’t being observed, their behavior may change. They might treat the child in an emotionally or physically abusive manner. Or, perhaps they neglect the child’s needs, choosing to forgo feeding, bathing, and caring for the child.

A private investigator will provide valuable surveillance skills that will help you see how your child is treated when no one else is around. They can also see if your child consistently has a healthy, safe space to stay when they’re with their other parent.

An Investigator Will Obtain Evidence to Support Your Claims

Sometimes, you know your child’s parent is engaging in activities that are dangerous or detrimental to your child’s well-being. Criminal activities, substance abuse, and involvement with questionable people are a few things that can impact their ability to safely and reliably care for your child.

A private detective¬†will gather the evidence you need to prove your claims in court. They will conduct interviews with people who regularly interact with your child’s parent to learn more about any activities they’re trying to conceal. In addition to using surveillance methods that track the parent’s whereabouts, a private investigator for child custody will comb through social media pages and online activities to gather additional evidence. This evidence is also useful for proving that the other parent isn’t adhering to the specifics of your child custody agreement.

Your private investigator will also investigate your child’s parent to see if there’s anything in their history you don’t know about. The private investigator will use background checks to see if the other parent has ever been involved in or convicted of a crime.

A Private Detective Can Ensure Your Child is Receiving Equitable Child Support

When one parent is ordered to pay child support, they may take steps to artificially lower their income or hide their assets. They might ask employers to pay them in cash or even have the payments made to another individual. Or, they may participate in various types of fraud to increase their assets “off the books.” If you can’t prove that they have income or assets, it’s difficult to convince the court that their child support should be increased.

A private investigator is a useful resource to determine if your child’s parent is engaging in shady activities or hiding their true financial situation. They know the most common signs of theft and fraud and will work to uncover any scrupulous ventures.

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A private investigator for child custody will quickly learn if your child’s parent is hiding assets or income. You can then use this information to make sure your child support payment is promptly adjusted.

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