Private Investigator Tips: How to Know if Someone is Lying

How to tell if someone is lying.

Research indicates the average person lies 1.65 times each day. While many of these lies are small and relatively harmless, others directly impact the lives of those around them. That makes it essential to learn how to know if someone is lying.

How to Know if Someone is Lying: What to Look For

When someone is talking to you, it’s important to understand how to know if someone is lying. Here are a few things to look for to help you determine if someone is telling the truth.

Observe the Person’s Eyes

Learn how to know if someone is lying by watching the person’s eyes when they speak. If someone needs to lie, they will often alter their eye movements.

One eye movement associated with lying is darting the eyes back and forth. Many people feel uncomfortable when they lie, and this discomfort is reflected by their eye movements. They might also blink more.

Some people will also close their eyes when they lie. This is a defense mechanism that shields the liar from the probing eyes of those around them.

See What Direction the Person Looks

Another tip for how to know if someone is lying is to take note of the direction the person looks. A right-handed person will often look to the right when they lie; this enables them to use their imagination and create a lie. However, if they look to the left, this means that they are trying to access their memories.

The opposite is true for left-handed people. When using guidelines for how to know if someone is lying, try to determine if they’re right or left-handed. Left-handed people look to the right when trying to recall something and look to the left when fabricating a lie.

Watch Their Hands

Hand movements are another thing to watch as you work on how to know if someone is lying. When people lie, they experience a chemical reaction that causes the face to itch. This causes a liar to touch their face.

Pay Attention to Other Facial Characteristics

As you understand how to know if someone is lying, know that liars often have facial changes that give them away. They may purse their lips to overcome mouth dryness associated with lying. Or, they may blush due to adrenaline that’s released when they lie.

Other Options to Determine if Someone is Lying

Sometimes, you don’t have the benefit of interacting with a potential liar in person to learn how to know if someone is lying. Or, the person may have so much experience telling falsehoods that they know how to cover the telltale physical changes occur when they tell a lie.

A private investigator in Tampa is a valuable resource to help you uncover a lie. Not only does a private detective understand how to know if someone is lying, but they have a wealth of resources and tools to unearth false information.

Background checks in Tampa are one such tool that your private detective might utilize. During the background check, your private investigator will work to uncover the truth behind the individual’s claims. They may conduct interviews, access databases, and complete surveillance throughout the investigation.

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A Tampa private detective can also conduct a specific inquiry, such as infidelity investigations for suspicious spouses. Companies will also benefit from the services of a private detective when dealing with fabricated claims.

An insurance fraud investigator is an ideal resource if your suspect employee or client insurance fraud. Or, if you have concerns regarding employee behavior, order corporate investigations to review your company’s operations.

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