A Private Investigator Found my Partner Cheating, What do I do Now?

What you should do if a private investigator determines your partner is cheating on you.

While research indicates that on average, anywhere from 13 to 20 percent of spouses have an extramarital affair, this doesn’t make it any less jarring to learn from your private investigator that your partner is cheating. Whether you’re in a relatively new relationship or have a long-term bond with your partner, cheating will rock your relationship to its core.

My Partner is Cheating: Your Next Move

After your process the information from your detective’s infidelity investigation, you may not know what your next move should be. Here are some steps you should take when your private investigator confirms to you that yes, your partner is cheating.

Discuss the Infidelity with Your Cheating Spouse

After discussing the findings with your investigator, you’ll need to confront your partner. You know that you have evidence if your spouse tries to deny the affair, so keep control of the confrontation using the evidence to dismiss any denials.

Be prepared to have multiple discussions with your partner. Most partners who are victims of infidelity want to know why and how it happened. They may feel unclear as to whether the relationship was ever actually genuine. The future of your relationship is also up in the air. It may take a few tough conversations to get the answers and explanations you need to decide if the relationship can be repaired or if you should both move on.

Determine Whether You Feel Safe in the Relationship

Next, you should determine if you feel safe in the relationship. This will depend on the personality of the cheating spouse and the dynamics of your relationship.

If things were already volatile between you and your spouse, an affair can open even more explosive emotions that can turn a potentially toxic environment dangerous. Decide if it’s best for you to continue staying under the same roof.

Get Tested for STDs

Unfortunately, one of the next items on the “my partner is cheating” list is to see if they have given you an STD. If you’ve had an unprotected sexual relationship with your partner, there’s always the possibility your partner has given you an illness. Try to get tested sooner, rather than later, as many STDs are easier to treat in their earlier stages.

See If There’s Anything Else Your Partner is Hiding

A cheating spouse investigator is a valuable resource to confirm or refute your suspicious about your partner’s infidelity. Unfortunately, an affair isn’t all that your partner may be hiding. Your cheating spouse may also be guilty of financial infidelity. Some unfaithful spouses even create secret lives that their partners are completely unaware of. Your private detective will help you decide which areas of your life need closer examination.

Avoid Making Any Immediate Life-Changing Decisions

Though you may think you know what you’ll do in the situation of “my partner is cheating,” avoid making any decisions for at least 2 or 3 days after you discover the infidelity. You don’t have to immediately decide if you want to leave the relationship or attempt to fix things. Instead, give yourself time to process the emotions that you’re feeling and examine the relationship as a whole.

Take Care of Yourself

When you’re in the scenario of “my partner is cheating,” see that you take care of yourself. Try to get a healthy amount of sleep (7 to 9 hours). It might be tempting to just withdraw, but you may feel better if you call a friend and talk about what you’re feeling. If you prefer an impartial ear for your thoughts, a therapist or counselor is another option to help you work through your emotions.

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