What Kind of Infidelity Evidence Can a Private Detective Collect?

How a Private Detective Conducts Infidelity Investigations

Are you in a relationship that was going great until things started to… change?

Hindsight is everything when it comes to cheating. While many people are blindsided, if and when they find out their partner is cheating, the warning signs are always there – however subtle they may be. Some common signs that may indicate your spouse is cheating, according to relationship experts, include:

  • Breakdowns or changes in communication such as stonewalling
  • A sudden interest in improving their appearance
  • A secret cell phone or secretive computer use
  • Periods of time where your significant other is unreachable
  • There’s more emotional distance than there used to be, or they’re suddenly more affectionate

Really, the signs are endless. Any significant changes in your relationship should give you pause. That said, even though certain behavioral changes, odd occurrences, and unusual actions could back up your suspicions of infidelity, none of them are solid indications that your partner is unfaithful.

So, how can you know for sure?

Well, the first thing you should do is hire a private investigator to find out the truth. Private investigators are professionals who conduct surveillance and obtain evidence in civil, criminal, personal, and business investigations. Hiring a private investigator can help put your mind at ease.

Infidelity Evidence: How to Prove Your Spouse is Cheating

Most evidence gathered by private detectives is usually admissible in court as long as no criminal or privacy laws were broken in the process of obtaining it. Don’t ignore the red flags; here’s some of the evidence a private investigation service can obtain on your behalf.

1. Eyewitness accounts

There’s usually quite a bit of surveillance involved in private investigations. As such, a private detective can help gather eyewitness statements from neighbors or coworkers. Private investigators can gain a lot of information by listening to a conversation. However, there are rules and stipulations to what is considered legal.

In Florida, both the private investigator and the person they’re talking to must be aware if the conversation is being recorded. The investigator can listen to a conversation, take photos and write down any information they get from the conversation. That said, any overheard conversation must take place in a public place and in a normal tone of voice.

2. Photos and videos

Any kind of photo or video recording is going to have great success in court as such evidence is irrefutable when verified to be authentic. That said, make sure any pictures the investigators take are in a public place and not on private property where they may have trespassed.

A private investigator will surveil a subject over the course of their day. They will document any interactions and take photos and videos that may provide direct evidence of infidelity in cases where individuals are affectionate in public. They could also help uncover information about meeting places, private rendezvous, and even habits you might be unaware of.

3. Money trails

Many cheaters will spend money on hotels, motels, restaurants, or on gifts you never received. As such, a private investigator may ask to review your bank account or credit card statements with you to discover any anomalies.

Even though uncovering infidelity money trails doesn’t count as direct evidence, the evidence gathered could help determine spousal support, alimony, and child support in some cases. Plus, if your spouse has been spending community property on their paramour, you may be entitled to a disproportionate portion of the community estate. This is why it’s important to track the money and keep an eye out for suspicious bank charges.

4. Circumstantial evidence of infidelity

Indirect evidence of infidelity can be quite helpful in court, especially when paired with other evidence to paint a more reliable picture.

Examples of circumstantial evidence include:

  • Phone records showing texts or phone calls to a lover
  • Email exchanges
  • Online dating profiles
  • Social media interactions

While a picture posted on Instagram of your husband/wife standing next to their supposed lover isn’t proof of an extra-marital affair. It may support your case by showing familiarity.

Consult with a Qualified Private Detective in Tampa

Infidelity investigations are often complicated and emotional. That’s why it’s imperative to work with an experienced and highly regarded private investigator who knows how to gather sensitive personal information that will hold up in court. They will also advise you about the scope of what they can and cannot do and discuss the potential length of the investigation.

If the private investigators confirm your suspicions, it’s wise to consult a family law attorney who’ll advice you on a legal course of action.

Being cheated on is a terrible thing. Contact Sig14 Investigations to find out how we can help you with private investigation and cheating spouse investigation services.