How a Private Detective Can Help Locate a Missing Person

How to locate a missing person with a private detective.

When you first discover someone you know is missing, your first reaction is likely to contact the local police department for help. Unfortunately, this may not be the initial best reaction if your goal is to locate a missing person as quickly as possible. Though should still notify authorities, contacting a private detective is another option for locating the person.

Here are some of the ways a private investigator in Tampa, Florida can help locate a missing person.

A Private Detective Can Start Searching Immediately for the Missing Person

Many people want the police to begin searching immediately for the missing person. However, it’s important to remember that for an able-bodied adult, it’s not a crime to go missing.

An adult has the freedom to come and go as they please, and there’s no law or rule that states they must keep in contact with friends or family members. For this reason, the local police may not immediately begin searching for a missing person. Or, they may take steps to investigate the disappearance, but it might not receive a lot of manpower or resources. Should they locate a missing person and it appears the person wants to remain “missing,” they may choose not to reveal the person’s whereabouts to their friends and family members.

Obviously, this doesn’t apply to individuals with disabilities, minors, or people who are otherwise viewed as being “at risk.” These cases usually generate a more rapid police response due to concerns over the person’s safety or wellbeing.

If you want to know that someone is searching for the missing person as quickly as possible, hire a Tampa private detective. The private detective will make locating the missing person a priority and can begin looking for them right away.

A Private Investigator Can Provide Fresh Insight into a Missing Person Case

Data from the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) Missing Person and Unidentified Person report state that as of December 31, 2018, there were 85,459 active entries for missing persons. Police departments are working with limited resources; once a missing person case goes “cold” due to the lack of new leads or evidence or if it seems the person wants to remain missing and isn’t in danger, the police likely won’t spend a lot of time looking for the person. This is especially true for older missing person cases that seem unsolvable.

A private investigator will go over all the evidence related to the case and offer a fresh opinion on the potential whereabouts of the person. They’ll also review and acquire new evidence to assist in the detection of the missing person. For example, background checks may be used by the investigator to obtain more information about the missing person’s friends, family, and acquaintances at the time of their disappearance.

Private Detectives Can Help Find People Who Don’t Want to be Found

Some people intentionally go missing. Perhaps they’re not happy with their current lives, or maybe they’ve done something that they’re ashamed of and want to hide from. Maybe the missing person knew that their spouse was having them investigated by a cheating spouse investigator and that infidelity or even worse will be revealed. They may think that it’s easier to just “go missing” than to face the consequences of what they’ve done. Or, maybe they’ve been involved in criminal activity and fear for their safety.

People who want to go missing are often some of the hardest to find. They may take steps to conceal their movements or even try to change their identities. A private detective can use in-depth search techniques intended to locate a missing person who doesn’t want to be found.

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