Why do Corporations Rely on Private Investigator Background Checks?

Data indicates that employee theft and fraud are on the rise. This can damage your company’s bottom line and your reputation. For non-cash fraud losses, the median loss is a whopping $98,000. Private investigator background checks are one tool to minimize your losses and recruit trustworthy employees.

The Benefits of Private Investigator Background Checks for Corporations

A background investigation is an effective way for a company to learn more about current and potential employees and business partners. Background checks are useful for reaching hiring decisions, deciding whether to provide security clearances, and investigating cases of theft or insurance fraud. Here are a few of the reasons corporations rely on private investigator background checks.

A Private Investigator Can Conduct a More Comprehensive Investigation

Though it’s possible for a corporation to conduct their own background checks, a private investigator will be able to uncover info that a typical background investigation may not reveal. A private investigator has more tools and resources at their disposal that can result in a more in-depth investigation.

Background checks from a private detective can help you determine if an individual is someone that you want to introduce to your company. Even if someone’s educational credentials and professional experience are accurate, the individual may have other things in their background (like a propensity for filing frivolous lawsuits or multiple allegations of harassment from former subordinates) that make them a poor addition to your organization.

It’s not uncommon for an individual to do everything in their power to bury unfavorable information from their past. You want the security of knowing that your background checks are comprehensive and provide info that a conventional background check may omit.

Private Investigators Know What to Look for When Dealing with Unique Cases

Sometimes, a business will hire a private detective because they suspect something is amiss. They might have concerns about employee theft or insurance fraud. An insurance fraud investigator investigates many instances of potential insurance fraud and knows what to look for (such as an employee who refuses treatment for their injuries or seems to only have problems with the injury when no one else is around).

The private investigator’s experience is a valuable asset with these types of cases. Not only will their experience result in a better investigation, but they know how to gather evidence that supports their findings.

A Private Investigator Can Help Mitigate Corporate Losses

The services of a private detective are also useful for many companies’ loss prevention departments. A private detective can go undercover and see where a business may have holes in their security procedures.

Or, if you have security procedures in place but suspect that your employees aren’t following them, a private investigator can confirm or deny your suspicions. The surveillance from a private investigator can determine why your physical inventory count is less than your calculations.

Theft isn’t the only type of loss that private investigator background checks deter; these background checks will also assist you with deciding if a merger or business partnership is the right for your company. A collaboration might seem beneficial, but if the owner of the other company has been involved in multiple scandals, you need to know about them.

Private Detectives are Beneficial When Preparing for Litigation

Private investigator background checks are beneficial when your company has to prepare for a court case. The information from your private investigator background checks will assist your legal team with building a strong case, potentially saving your company money and your reputation. Your Tampa private detective will gather facts and info that will assist you with your case.

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