How to Tell if Your Partner is Lying About Cheating

Suspect Some Lying Behavior? How to Tell if Your Partner is Lying About Cheating.

Do you have a sneaking suspicion your partner is cheating? Perhaps, they forgot to mention a night out or they’re a little too fixated on their appearance lately. Maybe, you’re getting a lot of gifts out of the blue. Whatever the case, suspecting your spouse of cheating is a destabilizing situation that could leave you mistrusting everything you knew about your relationship.

Infidelity is not an easy subject to broach. But suspicion, if left, can grow and grow to the point where it consumes your relationship and your mental health. According to relationship experts, it’s important to communicate clearly to avoid misunderstandings that cause hurt, anger, and resentment. Unfortunately, most cheaters know how to lie and how to lie well, especially as a response to the discovery of their betrayal.

The truth is, nearly everyone lies from time to time, but some lies can irreparably harm relationships. If you’re tired of the suspicion, here are some common signs that may indicate your partner is lying about cheating.

1. They Accuse You of Cheating

It’s a common tactic of cheaters to turn the tables by throwing out wild accusations, especially when you start getting suspicious. They may gaslight you, project their insecurities onto you, and attempt to blame you for the problems in the relationship, all in an attempt to manipulate you into believing that they’re not cheating.

In such a case, it’s best not to fall into the trap of defending yourself because no explanation you give will be good enough. If the accusations continue, you always have the option of hiring a private detective to uncover the truth.

2. A Change Away From Baseline Behavior

Anytime someone starts to hide things they didn’t before, it is cause for questioning. Today, technology makes it that much easier to have and hide an affair. So, if your partner gets defensive when you get near their phone, you might have a problem.

Additionally, if their actions start changing, it might be a sign of infidelity. Let’s say they used to get home from work by 7:00 pm and now they’re getting home later and later. One or two occasional late nights may not be a red flag, but it should give you pause if it happens too often.

3. They Don’t Make Eye Contact

Every person has a tell. According to research, people who lie have a difficult time making eye contact. Now, this isn’t the case for everyone. Some people overcompensate and make too much eye contact, which is why you should also check for these other body language clues.

  • They lean away from you – It’s an attempt to create psychological distance.
  • Itching and fidgeting
  • Rocking the body back and forth
  • They may touch or cover their mouth
  • They tend to instinctively cover vulnerable body parts like their throat, chest, and head when confronted.

Look for anything out of the ordinary. When you’re in a relationship with someone, you get to know their quirks and how they tend to react to situations. Any inconsistencies in their behavior could be a sign that they’re lying.

4. They’ve Lied About Other Things

There’s really no such thing as a white lie. All lies are big lies because they tend to compound. Once someone lies about where they’ve been, t who they were with, and what they were doing, pretty soon, the relationship becomes founded on lies and it becomes easy to spot the cracks.

Simply put, if you catch your partner in one hurtful lie, chances are it’s not the only one.

5. They Tell You to Trust Them

“Trust me, I would never do that to you.” It’s a classic phrase to use when you’re guilty. Liars end up using phrases like “trust me,” “believe me” or “honestly” as a way to sound honest.

This type of language is often manipulative. Anyone who has to extol their own virtues to this degree is usually trying to convince everyone – including themselves.

In the same spirit, if they talk too much and say too little or speak in absolutes, such as “always” and “never.” There’s no need to use bolstering statements to emphasize your honesty when you’re telling the truth.

6. They’ve Seemingly Forgotten How to Apologize

Apologizing for a small mistake is pretty easy. You say, “I’m sorry,” and that’s that.

But everything seems like an accusation when you’re guilty of cheating. Anyone who’s cheating and afraid of being found out is constantly on the defensive. They turn criticisms of themselves into accusations. They act passive-aggressive and if they do apologize, it just comes across as insincere.

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