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    Tampa Insurance Fraud Investigator

    Insurance fraud is a serious problem for the long-term viability of your business. From workman’s compensation cases to false customer claims, insured businesses must constantly defend themselves against dishonest people. An insurance fraud investigator uses their private investigation skills to protect your business’ bottom line.

    Sig 14 Investigations is a Tampa private detective service. We help local residents find the truth with infidelity investigations and background checks in Tampa. However, we are so much more than just a cheating spouse investigator. Insurance companies, business owners, and average citizens can all benefit from working with a private investigator to uncover the truth behind an active claim.

    Insurance Fraud is a Problem for Everyone
    Insurance fraud usually occurs when someone provides false information in order to claim a payout. This intentional dishonesty touches every aspect of the insurance industry. However, Sig 14 Investigations finds these to be the most common cases in the Tampa area.

    • False claims are an attempt to receive payment for an accident or event that never occurred.
    • Inflated claims include claims for work, injury, and loss that did not result from the covered event.
    • Disaster fraud happens when property owners file false claims for damages that supposedly occurred during a widespread catastrophic event, like earthquakes and hurricanes.

    Fictitious insurance claims are a danger to everyone. Tampa area businesses lose millions of dollars each year to pay off concocted claims for worker’s compensation, injury, and loss of property that never happened. Insurance providers also lose out when they send out checks for false claims.

    Insurance fraud is a destructive experience at the consumer level as well. Workers sometimes find themselves fighting their employer to access the worker’s compensation benefits they deserve. Others may find themselves an unwitting accomplice in life, auto, or homeowner’s insurance scams orchestrated by a trusted associate.

    From organized groups of accomplices to unscrupulous individuals, from new business associates to lifelong friends, insurance fraud perpetrators are everywhere. When you think you’ve been a victim, working with an insurance fraud investigator is the only way to ensure you get the full truth.

    Protect Your Interests with an Insurance Fraud Investigator

    The insurance fraud investigator at Sig 14 Investigations is your ally in the fight against fraudulent claims. We work with businesses, insurance carriers, and private citizens to uncover the facts of questionable claims.

    Our insurance fraud investigator uses a variety of tools, methods, and resources to reveal the truth behind a claim.

    These can include:

    • Physical surveillance, including GPS-capable equipment
    • Video, audio, and still photography
    • Interviews with witnesses and other knowledgeable parties
    • Investigation of official government records and databases

    Our techniques result in a thorough and accurate reporting that can help your legal team secure convictions, clear your name, and possibly recover your funds. However, our technical capabilities aren’t the only reason you should work with the insurance fraud investigator at Sig 14 Investigations.

    • With over 35 years of law enforcement experience, our investigator knows how to navigate courts, government offices, and police resources.
    • Our membership in the Florida Association of Licensed Investigators shows our commitment to ethical and accurate investigations.
    • As a corporate investigations specialist, our team leader is uniquely qualified to trace the paperwork trails from insurance fraud.

    We can further help your legal team recover what you’ve lost. Services like background checks and missing person investigations provide additional information that is often useful in these situations.

    Kenneth Stevens – Dunedin Police Officer of the Year

    • Reinforce Security Protocols
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    • Collect, Record, and Present Evidence
    • Prepare Detailed Reports
    • Identify Fraud, Corruption, and Theft
    • More Than 35 Years of Experience in Law Enforcement
    • Well-Connected with the Courts and Law Enforcement
    • Member of the FL Association of Licensed Investigators

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