5 Reasons to Hire an Insurance Fraud Investigator

When you need to hire an insurance fraud investigator.

Data indicates that insurance fraud costs a whopping $40 billion each year. This unnecessarily increases costs both for insurance companies and consumers. One thing you can do if you suspect insurance fraud is to hire a fraud investigator. A fraud investigator is a type of private detective who can help you obtain the necessary evidence and supporting documentation to prove insurance fraud has occurred. Here are a few reasons to hire an insurance fraud investigator.

1. A Private Investigator Can Expedite Your Insurance Fraud Investigation

One potential downside to prosecuting insurance fraud is that it can take months or even years for the case to reach a resolution. Not only do you have to research the events surrounding the case, but you have to gather ample evidence to prove that fraudulent activity took place. There’s also a statute of limitations that you must keep in mind if you want to pursue criminal charges relating to the case. The private investigator can shorten the length of time it takes to complete your investigation by efficiently gathering the appropriate evidence for you to determine if fraud occurred. You can then make an informed decision as to what your next move should be to appropriately deal with the fraudulent activity.

2. A Private Investigator Has Access to Valuable Technology and Resources

A Tampa private detective has access to technology and resources that many individuals don’t know about or don’t understand how to efficiently utilize. A private investigator also knows how to conduct advanced background checks that can detect information that would otherwise be overlooked.

They know how to legally follow and observe people, and they understand what things they can and can’t do during the insurance fraud investigation. If interviewing people, they know what questions to ask and how to ask them to get the info that they need. Evidence isn’t nearly as useful if you’re unable to use it court due to the legality of how it was gathered.

3. A Private Detective Can Bolster Your Court Case

If you’re going to court to attempt to prove that a claim is fraudulent, you need to have as much evidence as possible to strengthen your case. Once the private detective conducts their investigation, they’ll compile everything into a single report that details their findings. This report is an invaluable resource if your case goes to court. It will provide your legal representation with the appropriate evidence to prove the occurrence of insurance fraud.

4. A Fraud Investigator is a Strong Witness in Court

When your case goes to court, a strong expert witness is a great resource to have on your side. A fraud investigator can act as your witness and testify on your behalf. They can also clarify any questions that the judge or jury may have regarding your evidence. An investigator also likely has prior experience testifying in court cases and conveying the importance of the evidence they’ve gathered; this experience increases the likelihood that the judge and jury will view them as a credible, reliable witness.

5. You Can Deter Future Insurance Fraud

Many individuals who complete insurance fraud are repeat offenders. They get away with committing fraud once and continue to file fraudulent claims because they view it as an easy source of money. One way to discourage a repeat offender is by prosecuting them for their actions. To do this, you’ll need persuasive evidence. A fraud investigator can gather the needed evidence for your case with an insurance fraud investigation. You’ll avoid making a payment for the fraudulent claim, and you’ll be taking important steps to lower the incidence of future insurance fraud.

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