How Private Detective Services can be an Asset to Your Business

How your business can benefit from private detective services.

A private investigator can serve as an important asset for your business. The more your company knows about its employees, clients, and business partners, the better your ability to make knowledgeable decisions that encourage growth and profitability. Here are just a few of the ways your business will benefit from the services of a Tampa private detective.

Your Private Investigator Can Conduct Background Checks

Before you hire a new employee or enter into a partnership with another business owner, you want to make sure these are people who you want to work with. A private detective who offers background checks will conduct a thorough investigation to help you learn more about the people you’re planning to employ or work with. To conduct the background check, the private investigator will:

  • Search criminal records
  • Access info from credit reporting agencies
  • Look for bankruptcy filings
  • Acquire driving records
  • Scour social media

Use private detective services to conduct annual background checks on your employees and partners to ensure you’re aware of any changes to their situations.

A Private Detective May Assist with Monitoring Former Employees

It’s common for employees in some industries to sign non-compete agreements that prevent these employees from working for a competitor during their employment with you or for a specific period after their termination. Your private detective will observe former and current employees confirm they’re adhering to the terms of the agreement. When requested, detective services can also escort terminated employees out of your office and prevent them from returning to your business.

You Can Request a Security or Performance Evaluation from Your Private Investigator

Want to check your employees are following your company’s procedures for securing your building or providing superior customer service? Hire a private investigator in Tampa, FL to act as surveillance or a secret shopper.

With the case of security procedures, your detective services will discretely observe your business to verify that employees are adhering to your rules for opening and closing the business, accessing items of value, or meeting with clients. Your private investigator will observe your employees’ natural behaviors when making the report.

When your business places a premium on customer service, you may want affirmation your employees are providing a superb customer experience. A private investigator can act as a secret shopper to evaluate the performance of your employees. They can do so in person, via phone, or by email.

Private Detectives Can Work to Recover Equipment and Monetary Payments

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for business owners to have to track down equipment or payments from customers or companies. Perhaps a company neglected to return the equipment they rented or borrowed from you, or maybe a customer has stopped making regular payments.

Your private investigator can assist you in recovering your physical possessions or cash payments. Once you have a legal order in place, your detective services can work to track down the individual who has possession of your equipment.

Or, in the case of money that you’re owed, your private detective will work to recover this bad debt (while adhering to the regulations set forth by the Fair Credit Reporting Act).

Your Investigator Can Acquire Proof of Insurance Fraud

Do you have suspicions that an employee or client is participating in insurance fraud? Approximately 61 percent of insurance fraud plots have a severe impact on the affected organizations.

Hire an insurance fraud investigator to research the individual so you can confirm or deny your inklings. An insurance fraud investigator is a type of private detective who has experience specifically pertaining to instances of insurance fraud. They know what steps to take to research the individual and where to look to find proof of fraudulent activities.

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