How a Private Detective can Help with Corporate Investigation Services

How corporate investigation services benefit your business.

If you want to protect your company’s reputation and mitigate financial losses, consider working with a private investigator for corporate investigation services. Improving your corporate investigation services benefits your company in multiple ways.

Corporate investigation services will help you identify unscrupulous employees and dishonest clients while providing hard evidence to help you prove these individuals’ suspected wrongdoings. For an efficient and in-depth investigation, utilize the services of a private investigator when conducting your inquiry.

Here are a few ways that a private investigator will assist with your corporate investigations:

A Private Detective Can Help Detect and Prevent Multiple Types of Employee Theft

Unfortunately, there are multiple ways a dishonest employee can steal resources from your company. Some of the most prevalent types of theft include:

  • Inventory theft
  • Supply theft
  • Time theft
  • Money theft
  • Information theft

Whether you suspect potential theft or you just want to make sure you’ve hired honest employees, a private investigator can use legal surveillance methods and undercover evidence to identify any suspicious activities.

If you want to know more about potential employees or other individuals that have access to your company, request background checks from your private detective. Your private detective will gather information and complete research that will enable you to learn as much as possible about the people who are working for you. They can also assist with verifying references and credentials.

Are you dealing with a case of known theft, but not sure which employees are involved or how long the theft has been going on? A private investigator is a useful resource to have for your corporate investigations. They can delve into the specifics of the incident so that you have more information about the theft. You can use the report from the private detective to enact procedures that prevent future theft.

Your Private Investigator Will Assist with FMLA Abuse

The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) allows an employee to take unpaid leave for personal health reasons or to assist with the care of a qualifying family member. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for some employees to abuse their FMLA privileges. Common signs of FMLA abuse include:

  • Consistently taking time off directly before or after a weekend or a holiday
  • Using FMLA on days when time off has been denied
  • Working a similar job when out on FMLA leave

If you believe an employee is abusing your FMLA policy, corporate investigation services can provide the evidence you need to affirm or refute your concerns. A private detective can observe the employee’s activities when they’re out on FMLA to see if they’re actually using FMLA for its intended purpose. This evidence is valuable for proving misuse of your company’s FMLA policy and investigating potential FMLA fraud.

A Private Detective Can Investigate Cases of Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud costs corporations billions of dollars each year. If you suspect an employee or client of participating in insurance fraud, it’s important to hire an insurance fraud investigator to assist with your corporate investigation. The private investigator will observe the suspect and report back on their activities.

Entities other than insurance companies can benefit from fraud investigation services. A fraud investigator is notably helpful when dealing with fraudulent worker’s compensation claims. An employee may exaggerate the severity of their injury in hopes of receiving paid time off work and financial compensation.

The private investigator will gather info that will help you determine if an employee is misrepresenting their workplace injury. They might observe the employee, obtain information from other employees, and comb through social media accounts to assist with their investigation.

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