How is Private Investigator Equipment Changing and Advancing?

What are some new private investigator tools being used today?

At the mention of a private detective, you may envision a stealthy individual silently trailing their target for weeks, or even months, to get the info they need. While a private investigator will complete some surveillance to get the info they need, they also utilize a lot of private investigator equipment during their research.

The Latest Advancements in Private Investigator Equipment

Private investigator equipment is constantly evolving, giving private investigators more tools to help their clients. Florida private investigators know how to correctly use this equipment and adhere to local, state, and national laws. Check out some of the recent innovations in private investigator equipment.

GPS Tracking Equipment

Private investigators know that GPS tracking systems go beyond the systems used to track workouts or locate lost cell phones. Many GPS systems resemble ordinary, everyday objects so that they’re not easily detected.

This private investigator equipment also includes features like location updates, battery monitoring, and motion-activation. An advantage of GPS tracking for vehicles is only the owner of the vehicle has to consent to the tracking equipment, making it a helpful tool for monitoring employees and spouses suspected of infidelity.

Computer Monitoring Software

Computer monitoring software is used in multiple circumstances, including cases involving potential insurance fraud. Your insurance fraud investigator will use the software to monitor the activities taking place on the computer.

It can track the IP address in addition to logging the keystrokes. This private investigator equipment is valuable for proving that fraud or theft is occurring. Not only does the software monitor the activity on the computer, but it provides screenshots of what’s taking place.

Radio Frequency Signal Detectors

A radio frequency signal detector is a piece of private investigator equipment that detects changes in the transmission of radio bands. While this technology isn’t new, it has experienced improvements in the type of signals it can detect. Today’s signal detectors can detect the following:

  • Hidden WiFi networks
  • Satellite signals
  • Secret cell transmissions
  • AM, FM, CB, and shortwave bands

Your private investigator may use a radio frequency signal detector to search for hidden cameras or tracking devices.

Scanning Tools for Mobile Devices

There are tools available that connect to a cell phone or tablet and scan the contents. These tools can even recover messages, contacts, internet searches, and photos that have been deleted. Private investigators know that these scanning tools are useful when you’re dealing with someone who may be trying to cover their tracks.

Cell Phone Tracking Technology

Cell phone tracking technology makes it possible to detect the exact location of a cell phone. Since cell phones tend to be associated with a specific user, a Tampa private investigator might use this technology to determine the location of someone they’re investigating.

Database Sites

Your private investigator likely conducts background checks. They have access to database websites that make it possible to gather information about an individual’s past, their credentials, and even if they have properties or other assets that they may be hiding. This information typically isn’t readily available or accessible to the general public.

High-Tech Cameras

While private detectives have been using high-tech cameras as private investigator equipment for years, the capabilities of these cameras continue to improve. With the right lens, a private investigator can capture clear, photographic evidence from far away distances.

Voice Analysis Software

Voice analysis software is private investigator equipment that analyzes the tones and inflections in human speech. The software is useful for determining whether the speaker is telling the truth and for detecting the underlying emotion behind the speaker’s words. An insurance fraud investigator might use this private investigator equipment to ascertain if someone is lying about their insurance claim.

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