What Can Pre-Employment Background Checks Reveal to Employers?

An astounding 36 percent of people admit to lying on their resumes to improve their employment prospects. While adding a few falsehoods may help these individuals procure employment, the employers who hire these potentially unqualified people are at risk of hiring workers who lack the necessary experience and knowledge to get the job done properly.

The Necessity of Pre-Employment Background Checks

To combat dishonesty, it’s important for employers to order pre-employment background checks. A private detective can conduct these background checks for employers before any finalized job roles are presented.

Here’s some of the info that pre-employment background checks can reveal:

Discrepancies in Their Employment History

Pre-employment background checks are a fantastic tool to uncover discrepancies in an applicant’s employment history. Maybe they fudged their experience, or perhaps they exaggerated their job duties so that they seem more qualified than they actually are.

Pre-employment background checks can confirm the potential employee’s work history, as well as their prior job duties and responsibilities. They can also reveal whether the separation from a prior employer was due to misconduct or more genial reasons.

Verification of Their Education and Credentials

Pre-employment background checks are also useful for confirming if an applicant has their stated level of education. Someone might state they graduated from college when they were really a few semesters short.

They may overstate their professional credentials as well. A private investigator will verify a prospective employee’s education and their list of certifications, so you know someone has their stated level of education.

A Criminal History

When ordering pre-employment background checks, it’s vital to search for any prior criminal activity, even if it didn’t result in a conviction. Some criminal charges are dropped due to a lack of evidence, but the defendant may still be found guilty in civil court.

It’s possible they offered financial compensation to the alleged victim to make the problem go away. You want your background checks to reveal these issues, as they can tell you more about an individual’s character and whether they’re likely to damage your company’s reputation.

Any History of Repeated Behavior

Your private investigator will examine the individual’s background to see if they have a history of specific types of behavior, such as insurance fraud or filing frivolous lawsuits. An insurance fraud investigator can potentially save your company a lot of time and money by preventing your organization from becoming their next target.

Online Activity

It seems like every day; a public figure or celebrity receives backlash for their social media commentary. Pre-employment background checks will reveal if your potential employee has a history of making derogatory comments online, or if they participate in online activity that might be detrimental to your company’s reputation. Your private detective also knows how to use tools that uncover posts that the individual may have deleted.

An Overview of Their Financial Situation

In some organizations, it’s wise to hire someone who’s financially sound for specific positions. Pre-employment background checks will identify if someone is experiencing financial difficulties and the severity of those problems.

For example, if someone has filed for bankruptcy or is in the midst of an active bankruptcy, background checks will clue you in. Or, maybe someone has multiple judgments against them or a history of failed businesses. You want to know the truth when deciding if someone is the right fit for your business.

Their Driving Record

If a position will include driving duties, it’s imperative for background checks to research driving records. You need to know if someone has a history of minor traffic violations, DUI arrests, or fender benders. All of these issues can potentially increase your company’s insurance costs and put your hard-earned reputation on the line.

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